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Karachi Sea View Project (Longest Painting of Pakistan)

Project Description

A project with an intense impact is the longest painting in Pakistan in the city of Karachi. Karachi is the biggest city and the back bone of the economy. While at the same time it is the biggest paint market of the country. However, we as a brand have been badly struggling to take share here. Karachi market is dominated by local paint companies who have been able to penetrate deep in the market. Longest painting in Pakistan took the form of the longest cycling track at sea view; one of most premium and visited place of the city. So definitively a location and a feet like this would have surely created a big noise in the city. We wanted to send a message loud and clear that Nippon is a force to be reckoned with. However, creating an impactful noise this in an expensive city like Karachi is a very expensive trait from rental and taxes point of view. It’s not cheap to do something impactful in this city with a limited budget where spaces are sold per square feet.

In Karachi, Nippon paint Pakistan renovated a track of 2500 meters, made a wall of kindness, umbrellas were installed on the beach with Nippon logo, 44 light poles branded with Nippon Logo, made a very eye catching Nippon bucket with splashing paint on Abdul Sattar Edhi Road. Track was almost 9,800 Feet in length and paint was applied in 5 different color/shades of Blue. A professional video was made to display at different events under CSR. An average boarding costs around 3-4 million per month. We provided a better reach within the cost of 4.1 million including 40 – 50 boards along with cycling track. Even we managed to get the images updated on the google maps search of sea view cycling track with a visible Nippon logo. Pakistan’s longest painting was made on the cycling track with a length of 2500-meter. Seven arches were applied at this track with distance covered mentioned and Nippon & CBC Logos on it. The pillars were quite rusty and there was no shade available for the public. Nippon installed 7 umbrellas within the sand area of Sea view with aerodynamic shape providing wind control design so that the umbrellas do not 􀃖y with the strong coastal breeze. Nippon has made a Wall of Kindness so that the unwanted clothes or accessories could be hanged on the Wall of Kindness for the needy ones. Moreover, a very eye catching Nippon bucket with splashing paint on Abdul Sattar Edhi Road with backlit. This catches the attention of thousands of people on daily basis. A drastic increase can be seen in the sales value over past 6 months which is the end result of all this campaign. All the activity was captured through drones and a professional team was hired to make a proper video of the project.

As a result of the longest painting in Karachi, the brand recognition increased. People started recalling the brand more. Sea view is the main tourist attraction over there having a vast reach everyday and a very well known and busy road of the city named as Abdul Sattar Edhi road, which is strategically placed at a very busy road and has an eye catching display. According to ACT data, Lahore and Karachi contribute to a total sales of 1,146,663,894 (1.1 Billion) out of the total decorative market size of 4,354,637,087 (4.3 billion). This shows that these two cities along contribute about 26.3% of the total paint industry in Pakistan. If we just talk about numbers, we have conducted a research from a third party regarding the awareness of the paint brands and Nippon has jumped from 72 points to 78 points after meeting all their brand equity related criteria. Though, it is hard to 4 of 5 Attachments objectify that how much have these initiatives contributed in the total numbers but still they have impacted in a positive way and improved the brand awareness along with all other factors combined. These projects helped us to learn that the projects done with government collaboration are always healthy for the private sectors, as they are challenging but you can achieve healthy coverage out of it.